Mint Events

As a way to improve discoverability over your NFT Collection, you can leverage OriginByte mint events to be visible to the whole ecosystem of Marketplaces, Games and dApps that have integrated with our Protocol.

To make sure you're part of the community, you just need to add the following calls to the mint function:

  • mint_event::mint_unlimited() if you have an unlimited mint cap; or

  • mint_event::mint_limited() if you have a limited mint cap.

The events emitted have the following type:

/// Event signalling that an object `T` was minted
struct MintEvent<phantom T> has copy, drop {
     /// ID of the `Collection` that was minted
    collection_id: ID,
    /// Type name of `Collection<T>` one-time witness `T`
    /// Intended to allow users to filter by collections of interest.
    type_name: TypeName,
    /// ID of the minted object
    object: ID,

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