Set up a Sui Keypair

In order to deploy a Move module to the Sui blockchain, you will need to have a keypair locally set up.

To create your keypair:

  1. Make sure you have installed Sui via the official guide.

  2. Initiate a local configuration by running sui genesis (This step will create a local keypair)

  3. Run sui client active-address to check your newly created keypair address (public key)

  4. Fund the address with using SUI. This can be done using the faucet available in the Sui Discord devnet-faucet channel.

  5. Once the address is funded, go back to the terminal and run sui client gas to view the SUI that has been sent to you. The output should look like this:

                 Object ID                  |  Gas Value 
 0x444c0c636dcc811e16febd246847d3b9fe157ca6 |  10000000  
 0x565abc17006862a48c8beaf6192b5357d05a3ff8 |  10000000  
 0x8a5d9c2c8e35549a35a95ece6f312a984f9e5341 |  10000000  
 0xe48db5b2b607e9d4fd04bb4ab42ee91af9cb52a2 |  10000000  
 0xf717b0debceaf93ec0f28734252d9d2f00d5f5a1 |  10000000 

Note: the object ID refers to the ID of your Coin objects whilst the Gas Value refers to the amount of SUI. The conversion is 0.01 SUI = 10,000,000 Gas


You can now use one of your Coins to deploy the Move module to the blockchain.

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