Deploy Pictures to Off-Chain Storage

Currently Gutenberg does not support the upload of NFT pictures to IPFS/Arweave, (we are actively working on this feature). Thus, creators will have to rely on deploying directly with platforms such as Pinata or NFT.Storage. The below example uses Pinata as its platform, but these steps are applicable to other trusted platforms. To the deploy the collection pictures with Pinata:

  1. Put all of your NFT items into a single folder named after the collection

  2. Ensure the pictures are named numerically in ascending order (e.g. from 1.jpeg to 2000.jpeg for a collection with 2000 NFTs)

  3. Creating an account with Pinata

  4. Go to File > Upload to upload a folder

  5. Name it after the name of your NFT collection

  6. Retrieve the CID of the upload.


Your NFT urls will now be:<CID>/<NFT-NUMBER>.jpeg

Where CID is the identifier of the upload and NFT-NUMBER is the index number of each NFT.

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